My enthusiasm for interior design started as a child with hand-drawn art on my bedroom walls. It is a blessing to be able to use my gift and can fuel my creativity by bringing life into space.

I left the corporate world in 2015 to establish Home Sweet Hawkins, aiming to provide my clients with unique interiors that perfectly balance stylishness, comfort, and warmth. Over the last four years, I have had the pleasure of working directly with clients in their homes and businesses, partnering with realtors, and being the exclusive designer for Patrick Donnell with Wallpro.

My areas of specialties involve redefining a space, so it matches your style and personality. Whether I am choosing paint colors, lighting, flooring, furniture, or the right bookshelf décor, each process is different and unique for each client. Your home should tell a story of you and be a reflection of you. The personal touches you incorporate into your décor will be the ones that you hold onto forever. So, stay true to YOUR style. With this strategic approach, I breathe life into people’s defining concepts.

Seeking to impact my passion to many, I never fail to bring along my unwavering integrity and unique solutions whenever and wherever my services are needed. 

Jessica Hawkins, owner/designer   Jessica currently resides in Southlake, Texas with her husband, Jonathan, four kids, and two dogs.

Jessica Hawkins, owner/designer

Jessica currently resides in Southlake, Texas with her husband, Jonathan, four kids, and two dogs.





Whether building, renovating, or updating, decorating is what ties your space together. When the building/renovating is complete, nothing finishes off a space more than adding just the right finishing touches. 


Building a home brings forth so many emotions, some that may cause you to be overwhelmed. I can take your stress out of the equation, so you’re left with the fun and exciting parts!


Renovating is often times, just as, if not more, stressful than building. After all, most of the time you are living in the home. Finding the right materials and paint can be daunting and take up a lot of time if you are not familiar with the process. I love helping clients turn their visions into reality!


Ready to sell, getting ready to sell, or just need some photos, nothing can whip a house into shape more than staging! From moving furniture around, adding throw pillows, to adding just the right accessory, let me help you bring life to your space and get it show ready.

DIY Assistance

So you’re pretty handy, and you like to do the dirty work, but you need a little more guidance on final decisions. I love to walk with clients through their projects, and can even help over email and/or text. This service starts at $75.





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